Tucked away between

Masada and the Dead Sea

an extraordinary attraction comes to life.

Amidst awesome relics of the past,

we introduce a futuristic concept of tourism

The International



 Over the past 5 years hundreds of Israelis - women, men, religious and

non-religious had their lives significantly affected by

Desert Trans-Theatre workshops.

Following overseas internet requests, we decided to expand worldwide into a multicultural experience. Such a workshop will provide a meeting place for tourists and Israelis outside the virtual world. 

We, therefore, take this opportunity to invite tourists to this

innovative form of tourism.


Desert Trans-Theatre is a unique theatre workshop open to everyone.

 It lasts one magical weekend during which

participants undergo a process of transformation.


While mingling with Israelis, tourists will get a rare opportunity to interact with the local culture and create

social networking.


 In our workshop cultural differences are bound to melt away

          making room for sincere and meaningful encounters .


Inspired by a variety of drama activities, participants are 

encouraged  to investigate their own characters. Equipped with powerful directing and acting techniques, they are urged to re-train, re-purpose talents 

and re-design their own identities.


The International Desert Trans-Theatre 

 is going to be a resurrecting spiritual and cultural experience.


Contact us: www.trancetheatre.co.il   ayelet.ron@hotmail.com